Our team

     email: jmajdan@cadecs.com            Phone: 973-379-4700 Ext 114

Over 35 years of  engineering, design and management experience in the design and construction of commercial, industrial, power and process facilities.  Jack joined Cadecs following a career at The Lummus Company, Inc. where he was responsible for managing the Plant / Piping Design of various Chemical & Petrochemical facilities. That role has continued at Cadecs Associates. He has a high level of proficiency in AutoCad, Bentley AutoPlant (3D plant design) and Microsoft Project.

     email: rcarlucci@cadecs.com           Phone: 973-379-4700 Ext 113

Over 35 years of progressive service and experience in the project management, design and construction of Chemical/Petrochemical, Incineration and Gas Scrubbing facilities. Rocco is also very familiar with the use of Microsoft Office Excel and Word using them to help track and report progress. He has developed innovative approaches to project execution with a results oriented approach to everyday work habits and problem solving.

      email: lrusso@cadecs.com               Phone: 973-379-4700 Ext 112

Len is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology (BSEE) with over 40 years of experience as an instrument and electrical design engineer on numerous projects in the process industry. In addition Len has been a department manager, run a sophisticated computer system in a large international engineering company, managed the development of 3D modeling software for process plant design and helped start Cadecs Associates. Len is a licensed engineer in New Jersey and several other states.

       email: rlombardi@cadecs.com         Phone: 973-379-4700 Ext 125

Ray is an experienced Process Plant Piping Designer specializing in the design and checking of process piping systems using 3D CAD Piping Design Software programs. He has prepared and administered training seminars for Bentley “Plant Design” 3D software and instructed Autocad courses at Community colleges. Ray is also experienced is consulting clients in the customization and implementation Bentley “Plant Design” 3D software. While employed at Combustion Engineering, Ray played a key role in the development, testing and documentation of a 3D Process Plant Design system for a major US Engineering company.

        email: rgregorek@cadecs.com        Phone: 973-379-4700 Ext 123

Ron is an experienced Process Plant Piping Designer with over 35 years of experience specializing in the design and checking of process piping systems using 3D CAD Piping Design Software programs. He has extensive field experience providing piping tie-ins and installation of new equipment and associated piping in existing plants.